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Are you hot for God with a hunger and thirst to know Him and the power of His might? Is it important for you to know every night when you lay your head on your pillow that God was well pleased with your day’s pursuits and would say “well done good and faithful servant”? Would you say that your daily intent is to do all that you can to be the person God made you to be? Is your heart desiring to act, look and talk like Jesus so much so that when people see you, they see Jesus?

If your responses to these questions are generally yes, yet realizing we are on a journey and need much improvement you are a good candidate for self denial revelation. If not, there’s no condemnation for where you are spiritually.

I will be continuing to send out my monthly letters as always, but for those who are really pressing in, I'm going to be sending something more which at this point is yet to be fully defined. Jesus had the multitudes that He spoke to, He also had the 500 at the ascension, the 120 at Pentecost, the 70 that were sent out, the 12 disciples and the inner core of three (Peter, James and John).

As I'm thinking about this while I am writing this letter; I likewise minister to the multitudes when I travel and the 500 or even the 120 or less would be those on my mailing list (many of which are some very awesome Christians and even some ministers) but I'm desiring to identify by response to this letter those that would be more of the 70, 12 or even those aspiring to be part of the inner core.

This is not about money, although I do believe your treasure will be where you heart is. This is about me strategically ministering to those who are hot for God, desiring to press in, are hungry and thirsty for God and are willing to do whatever He says. Basically, it would be those who said yes to the four questions. It is those who identify with my heart, vision and want to hear what God is giving me.


David Martin

The end times (last days) are here and more than ever we need to be serious about our relationship with God. Lukewarm Christianity has never been acceptable to God but in these end times more than ever we need to be red hot and fired up for God. David Martin is bringing 35 years of study on the supernatural with a now message on what God is saying to the church today. The ministry is offering free access to three complete audio and video message series that would normally be sold within the library store. Check out The Remnant or as some would call the Manifest Sons of God, The Elect or the Reigning Ones; whatever you call them, they are the ones that are pressing in to the fullness of the supernatural and operation/gifts of the Spirit and the seven Spirits of God.

David believes that the last 35 years of studying the operations of the Spirit and understanding how to walk and live in the supernatural was preparation for the days we're now living in. He believes this series of messages are some of the most critical and valuable messages he's ever delivered.
David Martin on Sid Roth's show "It's Supernatural"

Discover how the unseen world of atoms, electrons and what they are made of create the quantum field that is affected by you and your faith. More than ever, you will understand how to do what Jesus did and greater.

This is a subject David would never have imagined himself teaching or even giving any credence or speculation. However, due to partner inquiries after an interview Sid Roth televised on "It's Supernatural" with L.A. Marzulli on the subject, David did his own investigative study and presents what he discovered.