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The Fathers Heart DVD Set

Physical Disk Price: $70

Download Price: $35

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  • Discover the Ancient Path of Humility
  • Experience the Fathers Blessing
  • Enjoy the manifest presence of Gods love
  • Realize blessings of living out of the heart
  • Feel the tangible presence of the Father
In February of 2016 I did a conference for Greg at his church in Germany, and as much as I was there to minister, I was powerfully changed by the manifest presence of God within the church. In traveling the world for over 30 years for God, this was the first time Id ever experienced any thing so wonderful. I was back with Greg at his church in Germany this December doing another conference, and the manifest presence of God had reached an even greater dimension of greatness. It was then I realized this revelation of love God has given to Greg had to be experienced by the body of Christ at large. Thus weve arranged to bring Greg to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a two-day life changing conference. I encourage all to come and experience the Greg Violi ministry, you’ll be glad you did!
– Dr. David Martin