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Supernatural Discipleship Program - SDII

Registration: $50

Month Price: $50

Payment in Full Price: $250

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* Registration fee is paid up front and is not refundable after 30 days



Spiritual Development II

The SD2 program is appealing to people that want to get red-hot and fired up for God, and have less than an hour per day to spend in the program.

SD2 includes:


  • Daily Video Devotionals - Each day will begin with a short (approximately 6 min.) video from David. These videos are categorized as mentoring and will take on many forms such as teaching, motivation, prayer and inspiration.  Most devotionals expound on one of the 100 Key Points.


  • Monthly Mentoring Class with David Martin - Supernatural Mentoring Classes with David Martin-- A monthly online class, in which David teaches on the supernatural for approximately one hour.  Many people have asked for this class so they can pull on David's extensive knowledge of the supernatural.  These classes are available through streaming video for viewing at your convenience.


  • Monthly Spiritual Foundation Class with Pastor Chris Fuchs - David believes this is one of the most important components of the Supernatural Discipleship Program as so many believers are missing vital building blocks within their spiritual foundation in a one hour class. These classes are available through streaming video for viewing at your convenience.


  • 100 Key Points - You will have the opportunity to read over and meditate on these 100 inspirational Biblical truths that God has revealed to David over the course of his ministry.


  • Intent of Heart - Every day you will read an "Intent of Heart" (takes about two minutes). We supply two different ones which alternate, and you are encouraged to write some additional ones of your own. This will help keep you focused on God’s will for your life.


  • Spiritual Assessments - A Spiritual Assessment is completed daily to help increase spiritual awareness and measure spiritual progress and development. At present, there are 12 categories. The number of categories may be increased by the ministry or the user. Each of the categorical items need to be rated on a 1 to 10 system with 1 being cold and 10 being red-hot.


  • Zeal Profiles - Measures on a 1-to-10 scale the twelve broader categories of spiritual life. The Zeal Assessment Profile is only required to be done once every 30 days although it can be done as often as desired.


  • Daily Journaling - (Divine destiny, witty ideas/inventions, prophetic words, testimonies, daily fasting, visions and dreams, scripture revelations, Divine appointments, questions answered and a general entry). A unique (secure) Daily Journal system will allow you to make journal entries in each of the above mentioned categories. Some you will use daily, others occasionally, but all can be seen or printed by date range and/or category.


  • Prayer Journal - When you start the program you select at least five people (families or groups) that you are going to pray for daily throughout the duration of the program. Each project is set up within a blog format for you to journal your thoughts, prayers, and praise reports. A unique aspect of this is that the person you are praying for has the ability to interact with you on the blog if you should so desire.


·         Daily Activities (prophetic writing, divine appointments, miracles meditation, fasting,  daily scripture and Bible reading and study and daily prayer).


o   At the start of each day after a time of prayer, participants are asked to write out five to ten spontaneous words, or short phrases, and enter them into their Daily Journals. You will be amazed how often these words you write out take special significance through the course of the day!

o   Within your morning prayer, each person is required to ask God for at least one Divine appointment for the day with an expectation that God will hear and answer the prayer. The result each day is entered into the appropriate section of the Daily Journal. Divine appointments can be major (such as leading someone to the Lord) to minor (such as calling someone on the phone and encouraging them).

o   An extra amount of time is put into reading and meditation on the miracles of the Bible. All of the miracles are to be read and meditated on in such a way that you imagine yourself as part of the story, as if you were actually there. Your thoughts/meditations are then put into your Daily Journal.

o   Fasting—In the program is a Daily Fasting Record which records what was fasted for the day. To develop sensitivity and death to self, everyday is a fast day during the program. Participants choose what they choose to fast each day; i.e. some days may be sweets, others no food until after 3 pm, or no television, etc. We do encourage at least one day per week to be a more serious fast such as liquids only.
o   Each day starts with a Scripture reading of one of three sections of Scripture. (Psalm 91, I Corinthians 13 or Deuteronomy 28:1-14).

o   Scheduled daily Bible reading assignments will take you through Proverbs, Psalms, and the entire New Testament.

o   Daily Prayer (besides praying for the Prayer Projects) - A number of specific items which are required within the daily prayer include:


  1. Favor with God and man.
  2. A Divine appointment.
  3. Doors to open and close supernaturally.
  4. Revelation on Divine purpose in life.
  5. To be fired up and red-hot for God.
  6. Divine health (free of all sickness disease and infirmity).
  7. Daily spiritual assessment (each of the 12 items).
  8. Peace of Jerusalem.



Vision of Dave Martin Ministries; over 100 million souls saved, discipled and serving God.