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Supernatural Discipleship Program - SDI

Registration: $30

Month Price: $30

Payment in Full Price: $150

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* Registration fee is paid up front and is not refundable after 30 days

Spiritual Development I

The SD1 program is “Supernatural Discipleship Light.”  This is for people that want to get started in the program and have about 30 minutes per day to spend on it.

SD1 includes:

  • Daily Video Devotionals - Each day will begin with a short (approximately 6 min.) video from David. These videos are categorized as mentoring and will take on many forms such as teaching, motivation, prayer and inspiration.  Most devotionals expound on one of the 100 Key Points.


  • Monthly Supernatural Mentoring Classes with David Martin - An online class in which David teaches on the supernatural for approximately one hour.  Many people have asked for this class so they can pull on David's extensive knowledge of the supernatural. These classes are available through streaming video for viewing at your convenience.


  • Intent of Heart - Every day you will read an "Intent of Heart" (takes about two minutes). We supply two different ones which alternate, and you are encouraged to write some additional ones of your own. This will help keep you focused on God’s will for your life.


  • 100 Key Points - You will have the opportunity to read over and meditate on these 100 inspirational Biblical truths that God has revealed to David over the course of his ministry.


  • Spiritual Assessments - A Spiritual Assessment is completed daily to help increase spiritual awareness and measure spiritual progress and development. At present, there are 12 categories. The number of categories may be increased by the ministry or the user. Each of the categorical items need to be rated on a 1 to 10 system with 1 being cold and 10 being red-hot.


  • Zeal Profiles - Measures on a 1-to-10 scale the twelve broader categories of spiritual life. The Zeal Assessment Profile is only required to be done once every 30 days although it can be done as often as desired.


  • Basic Daily Journaling - This online journaling tool gives you the opportunity to reflect on the day’s events, insights from The Word or what God is telling you.  This program uses a high level security encryption program so that all information is 100% confidential.