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Finding Father Finding Wholeness

Physical Disk Price: $16.1


In this book you will find a revelation of the extreme power, strength, and peace that comes from living life within the heart of God the Father. Father God desires that His children experience His loving embrace on a daily basis. He intended every earthly father to bless his children and release a deep sense of purpose and identity into them. If a father does not bless his children and curses or abuses them it will result in a deep pain and longing for healing and wholeness. As we learn about the Father`s heart we can discover healing from that deep pain. King David said the gentleness of God was the secret to him being great. (Psalm 18:35). When someone tastes the goodness and gentleness of God, pains are healed, hope is restored and life takes on new meaning. Participate in the transforming presence and power of the eternal Father`s heart while you read this book.