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Imparting a Fathers Blessing

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There is a worldwide epidemic crossing all cultural, financial, intellectual, and religious boundaries. This epidemic causes diseases, dysfunctions, and many difficulties in the lives of those it effects. There is no place on earth this diabolical epidemic cannot reach. It is an epidemic affecting generations of people, it is the lack of a father and a father´s blessing. Did you know that your Father God created you to receive a blessing from your earthly father? This blessing was meant to release you into adulthood, prosperity, joy, peace, and to bring you into your true self and purpose in life! This little booklet is the result of a conversation I had with another beloved brother and sister in Christ. It is directly derived from our conversation and from the answer to their question, “How do we impart the Father´s blessing to those in need?” As I answered this question it was clear that what I was sharing as the Lord gave it to me, needed to be recorded. It is time that the multitude of people who are hurting and yearning for a Father´s blessing be released and blessed into their God-given identity! I have seen multitudes of curses broken instantly, bodies healed, souls restored, joy restored, fears leave, depression healed, pain disappear, a new desire for life to come where before there was no hope or desire to live, marriages radically changed, and on and on. All these wonderful things happened as a result of receiving a father´s blessing. It is truly wonderful and amazing to behold the Father come into the deep places within His precious children to heal, restore, and welcome them back into His heart of pure love!