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God and Government

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God and Government with Dr. Clyde Rivers

Dr. Rivers has amazing credentials he is the Ambassador at large for the nation of Burundi, the Executive Director for the North American Division of Interfaith Peace Initiative to the UN to make April 5th The Golden Rule Day. He is a recognized Prophet to the nations, the spokesman for World Civility Day and the president of I Change Nations (ICN) where he works with 120 nations in the world at the presidential level.

Dr. Rivers was personally mentored by Dr. Myles Monroe who was one of the greatest teachers on the Kingdom of God. These messages will give you a good understanding of what God is currently doing NOW in establishing His Government and Kingdom on the earth.  Dr. Rivers explains what a dual citizenship is all about, with its rights, such as diplomatic immunity, which he has as an ambassador.

You will learn how, as Christians, we are citizens of Heaven and earth, we are appointed as ambassadors for Christ, and we are called as kings and priests to rule and reign on planet earth. Most people listening to these three sessions will experience a paradigm shift to their understanding of the Kingdom of God and the NOW thing God is doing on earth, as He is waking us up to rule from thrones instead of pulpits.

As you will hear Dr. Rivers say, We have done well in most parts of Christianity loving God, but where we are missing it in all levels of life and government is in loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. Imagine what the world would look like if all governments, businesses, and families loved others as they love themselves!