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Science, Miracles and Unlimited Potential
13 CDs in SERIES

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In many ways the unseen natural realm of Gods creation parallels the spiritual realm. This is clearly seen in Davids teaching series on, Quantum Faith. This series somewhat picks up where Quantum Faith leaves off with looking at the other unseen aspects at work within the human body and beyond.

Davids premise of belief is you can better apply your faith and more effectively believe for a miracle (Divine Intervention), when you have a working knowledge of the science of creation. As an example, the Bible says, A merry heart does good like a medicine. Within this series you will see how and why a merry heart helps you even when it is put on by faith.

This series will give you insights and understanding in how to accelerate your health and prosperity by cooperating with the Word of God. Whether you are a science buff or not, you will find this series very informative and interesting.