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Basis of Great Faith

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This four CD series is one of David's classic teachings that is jam packed with powerful truth and revelation from God's Word.  The essence of this teaching is understanding how Jesus did what Jesus did.  Jesus said in John 14:12 "...anyone believing in me shall do the same miracles I have done and even greater ones..."  Through these lessons, you will learn in a big way how Jesus did what He did, so you can do what He did.


The lessons go into great depth in understanding the basis of the Centurion's great faith that caused Jesus to say that He had not seen such greatness of faith in all of Israel.  David will help you to understand what made his faith so great, so you too can operate with the greatness of the Centurion's faith that allowed someone else to get healed a distance away.


Interestingly, only twice in the life of Jesus did He identify individuals as having great faith, and in both cases they were non religious individuals (not Jewish) and they used their faith for someone else!

Some of the specific lessons taught in this series include:

Expectation: Foundation for the Miraculous.

Expect Divine Appointments for His Glory.

Applying Authority in the Name of Jesus.

Your Title Deed to God's Promises.