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Death to Self

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This teaching will help you enter into the fullness of the life Jesus came to give you through the realization that your "old man" is dead. Unfortunately, most Christians have never been properly discipled into what it means to be crucified with Christ the fullness of the reality of what it means to have Christ in you.

You can be assured that the life changing truths of this message will cause your spirit to soar with excitement and hope, setting the stage for the abundant life that Jesus came to give you. But be ready for the flesh to put up a fight as you retake control of your life by choosing to obey God and become everything that He has called you to be.

The second CD in this set is in the Meditative Media style. It is not to be played while driving, but rather while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, relaxed and ready to let the truths of Gods Word be written on your heart.  The uniqueness of this approach to meditating on God's Word allows the Word to take deep root within your heart and bear an abundant harvest.