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Dont Give Up

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This (three message/four CD) series was birthed in David's heart after his return from Burundi and the Rwanda refugee camps.

CD one is a recap of the awesome way God made for the ministry.  It gives a complete review of the ministry to the Rwanda refugee camps and the testimony of Pastor David Ndaruhutse.  Pastor David is a man, like the Apostle John, who would not die.  In John 21:33, the word was spread about John that he would not die and, although that is not what Jesus said in verse 22, this is what was believed.  This faith in the Words of Jesus, that John would not die, allowed him to be placed in a pot of boiling oil and not be burned. Pastor David also faced death experiences numerous times but, he too, would not die.  The key to all of this is knowing that God has a plan for your life and believing that His Word is true, refusing to give up regardless of what the circumstances may look like.

CD two will teach the basics of "Adamant Faith," so you too can go through anything and realize that nothing will stop you or keep you from fulfilling God's plan in your life.

CD three and four are the story of the man who would not die death.  It is an awesome testimony and sets the stage for a "Spiritual Awakening" from what seems like an unbelievable event on "the Mountaintop" where four last day prophecies were given.  The second of which was fulfilled with David and 23 others going to heaven in flames right where the prophecy was given over 30 years previous.  The last prophecy is yet to be fully fulfilled but it is time which is the "Great Revival".