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Power Prayer

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A note from David.




The Power Prayer CD came as a result of a vision God gave me to bring people into His presence.  I shared the concept with Mike Deasy who use to be Elvis Presley's guitar player, played with the Beach Boys and many others and then God got him. He worked with Ken Copland for a while then went independent as psalmist.




The anointing on his music is awesome and when I felt impressed of the Lord to develop a tape now CD which would bring you right into the presence of God. I asked Mike to make me an instrumental track that I could use as a bed for the prayer.  Once completed, I prayed with it for weeks looking for the best flow of the spirit.




As we went to record the Power Prayer Mike said to me, "The key to really making this powerful is not praying over the music but with it."  It was a great revelation to me but I understood what he meant and the result has been phenomenal.




Essentially what you have in this recording is the combining of the anointing on the spoken Word, with that of the Psalmist and then the Evangelist/Teacher. Bottom line you have an anointed tape/CD that will bring the presence of God into your space in a most powerful way.




If you are like most people you will play it over and over again. In the days of audio tapes which we still have some if someone wants one people would literally wear them out from the repeated plays.




Blessings and thank you for allowing me to speak into your life!




David Martin



Power Prayer - Daily Preparation and Warfare  45 minutes
David's original Meditative Media program (produced 20 years ago) The Power Prayer CD has changed many lives and is to date is David's  most popular recording. It is 45 minutes of prayer and music that will bring you right into the presence of God. Side one is "Daily Preparation" and literally gets you ready for a day in the spirit. Side two is "Spiritual warfare" and it leads you through effective prayers for your health, family, finances, and country, etc.