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The Spiritual Realm
15 CDs in SERIES

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Series Contents:

CD 1 Frequencies and Authority

CD 2 Insight to Miracles

CD 3 The Power of the Delegated Word

CD 4 Living Under an Open Heaven

CD 5 The Person of the Holy Spirit

CD 6 The Concept of Eternity

CD 7 The Spiritual Realm

CD 8 Releasing the Fullness of the Elohim

CD 9 The Reality of the Spirit Realm

CD 10 The Wells and Rivers of the Holy Spirit

CD 11 The Operations of Eternity on Earth

CD 12 Why Speak in Tongues

CD 13 Walking in the Fullness of Who We Are

CD 14 Binding, Loosing and Spiritual Reconciliation in the Heavenlies

CD 15 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit