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Business Breakthrough Intro & Meditation

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1. Introduction to Business Breakthrough - This teaching will give you a good overview of the how's and why's of capturing the wealth of the wicked. (This CD is the first teaching  in the Business Breakthrough 12 series titled, "Business Breakthrough Overview.")

2. Scripture Meditation - This is new, and is a compilation of many scriptures. This is a reading of Business Breakthrough affirmation scriptures categorized into tracks and read by David Martin. It is something you will play over and over to get the Word into your heart.

3. Biblical Relaxation and Meditation Overview - This short teaching will help you to understand the validly and importance of relaxing and meditating on God's Word. (We highly recommend getting the complete teaching. "The Biblical Foundation to Relaxation, Meditation and Inner Awareness."

4. Business Breakthrough Meditative Media Session - this is the first in a series of new Meditative Media designed specifically for those in business. In this new "Generation Two" series of media the sound tracks are separated with music on one channel and the mediation on the other, so you can adjust the volume of either.