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Middle Ground

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The middle ground is the time and place in the natural realm where you are going through circumstances of life, waiting for the full manifestation of God's Word - the spiritual realm.


For the Disciples, it was the middle of the sea in the midst of a great storm.  Jesus told them to get into the boat and go to the other side on two different occasions.  The first time Jesus was asleep in the boat, and the second time He came to them walking on the water.  Both times they were in the middle of the sea dealing with the storms of life.


His word to them was, "Go to the other side."  He undoubtedly knew what was before them, just as He knows what is before us.  He has given us everything we need to deal with the storms of life; we just need to use what we have and believe that His Word is true.

 In this teaching, David expounds on faith, helps you see beyond the circumstances of life, and helps you experience more of the fullness of life Jesus came to give you.  The message concludes with an exhilarating interactive prayer that will encourage you to go through the middle ground quickly and with great confidence that you really are going to make it!