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Healing: What to Share

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If you need healing, or know someone who does, this is a must have two CD set.  The first CD is 90 minutes of practical teaching on faith and healing.  It covers the many different ways that God heals such as anointing with oil, laying on of hands, gifts of the Spirit, etc.  Most importantly, it establishes the significance of having faith in God’s Word.  It teaches the principle of believing without seeing, and if you really believe what you say you believe, your confession will reflect the truth of God’s Word over what your body or the doctors might be saying.

This album is a direct result of David’s step-sister receiving healing after the doctors gave her no hope of recovery.  David prayed with her initially, and although she improved, the disease was still rampant in her body.  Six weeks later David shared this teaching with her.  For the next five weeks the disease continued to manifest in her body, but she remained steadfast in faith and in the sixth week the doctors gave her the glorious report that she was disease free!  The day after David received the victory report, God told him to teach this same lesson to the Church.

In the process of teaching his step-sister, David had given her many scriptures and personal confessions to meditate on daily.  The second CD is the audio format of those scriptures and confessions as read by David.