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God is Big Enough - CD1 of 4

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This series was recorded over one weekend at three different locations.  Every lesson is unique, but follows the theme that with childlike faith God is Big Enough to Fix Anything!

This is an ideal follow-up to the Spiritual Preparation for the End Times series, but it stands alone with practical teaching in supernatural living in the midst of challenging times.  God is an awesome God!  He has a success plan for each of us that will take through, over, or around any obstacle.  With faith in Him and His Word, nothing is impossible!

This series will give you insights, revelations, and practical lessons to help you apply the Word and walk in the fullness of life Jesus came to give you.

Topics/Precepts Covered:

            Spiritual Warfare from First Century Greek Perspective

            Removing the Limiting Factor of Your Environment

            Increasing Your Potential for Spiritual Growth

            Learning to Apply God’s Creative Process

            Meditation to Experience the Fullness of the Spirit and Favor

            Correlating Left and Right Brain with Faith, Hope, and Love

            Quantum Physics Basics (Increasing Your Bandwidth for the Supernatural)

            Making Right Choices and Experiencing More Victories.