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Business Breakthrough Seminar
14 CDs in SERIES

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A Christian business person called of God to be in business is essentially in the ministry. One aspect of a called business person's ministry is making money, the supply line for the ministry of the Gospel. Through the business person's supply, the local church and ministries like Dave Martin Ministries, can go around the world preaching and teaching the Gospel.


A business person's ministry is just as valuable as the pastor's missionary's evangelist's etc.. .. The devil and his spiritual forces of darkness are waging a spiritual war against all Christians, but he is attacking the hardest against any

Christian that is out to win souls and build the Body of Christ.


Whether you're knocking on doors to win souls or in business with the desire to support the Gospel with your finances, your level of spiritual attack is going to be equal.


Those in ministry know how important it is to have an understanding of the spirit world and how to operate successfully within it. You need to know how to pray and should have others praying for you as well , The Apostle Paul knew this, which is why he was always looking for prayer support.


Business Breakthrough is a ministry that brings serious powerful prayer support to the business person and much more. Business Breakthrough provides effective tools, teaching, and organization methods to assist in operating the business in

the supernatural . Business Breakthrough will help you reach a new level of success and fulfill God's perfect will for your life.


Business Breakthrough has helped many business people increase their sales and profits. Whether you're just getting started, or you've been in business a long time and doing well. Business Breakthrough can help you reach higher levels of success.


Dave Martin's internationally acclaimed teaching ministry will bring spiritual truths alive for you and your business. The miracle working power of God operating through Dave is awesome and has been featured on front pages of newspapers


It is this supernatural power of God that he wants to bring to your business. Dave believes the gifts of God are unlimited in dimension and that God wants him to stand in the gap with business people that are called of God. To "stand in the gap" means to pray for and believe with businessmen/women for a supernatural intervention of God's miracle power.


With over 30 years of business and full time ministry experience David has much wisdom and knowledge in how to operate a business in the supernatural.