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Open Door To Unlimited Potential

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In 2005, God put the phrase from the Lord's Prayer "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven on David's heart. In December of 2006 God spoke to him from Revelation 3 where God said, He who had the key of David would open a door that no man could close. At the same time, God put the phrase "Heaven in Seven," on his heart.  Little did he know that the open door would come by means of revelation into his life long search of understanding how to do what Jesus did and greater.

On February 26th, on the way home from doing a ministry meeting, the devil tried to take him and his wife out with a head-on collision. David's right heel was crushed and severely bruised besides other injuries to his back and neck.  His wife Bip had three broken bones in her right hand. In the time of healing, the prophetic picture of Jesus given in Genesis, when man was kicked out of the garden, came alive in David's heart, "You bruised his heal, but he will crush your head."

With a fresh sense of authority and months flat on his back, David had much time to look up and within. The revelation that came to him was the very thing he was seeking; how to tap into the unlimited potential of the Spirit. These two CD's will just scratch the surface of unfolding truths and give great insight into the supernatural.