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Discover The Real You

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This series will transform you from the inside out with life changing truths from the Word of God. It will help you to discover the real you, which is made in the image of God and able to do far beyond anything anyone could ever ask, think, or imagine.

Discover the superhero in you and step into the fullness of life for which God put you on planet earth. You are in this world but not of it.  Discover the real you, designed by God to do great exploits and accomplish His will on planet earth.

David opens this teaching with an overview of his favorite movie, "The Matrix." He does say, "It is an R rated movie for the violence," but the allegory/parallel of the movie is awesome with how Christians and the world at large is caught in a matrix of worldliness by the god of this world, the devil.

Every believer needs to hear these messages so their eyes can be opened to the truth, or more literally the blindness they are walking in can be exposed. Every believer has a divine destiny, a purpose for which God put them in the womb of a mother and called them to do something of significance for His glory. Unfortunately most believers are conformed to the systems of the world and totally oblivious the real plans and purposes of God.

This teaching will truly open your eyes to the real world, which is not what you can see in a mirror but rather a more real world of the spirit which is eternal and offers unlimited supernatural opportunities. David points out,  there really are aliens on planet earth, "we're them," we're in this world but not of it.

As good and life changing the four teaching CDs are, the last CD which is a metitatiave teaching is by far one of the best you will ever hear and one that you will undoubtedly play over and over.

Teaching Topics
(title of each CD)

  1. Identifying the Real You
  2. The God Factor
  3. Getting to the Next Level
  4. Your Spiritual Impact
  5. Meditative Teaching

Discovering The Real You Teaching Meditation

The Teaching Meditation is designed to help you instill/write on your heart some of the significant principles, precepts, and truths of God's Word as taught in The Real You series.

The teaching meditation is designed for you to use when you can sit, relax and meditate on God's Word. As a result, this CD should not be played when driving or operating any equipment.

The CD has a music track, which was done specifically for us by Daniel Kleefield, an anointed Psalmist. What is especially unique is that the music is done in a Baroque style developed in the seventeenth century overseen by Bach and Handel. Bulgarian scientist Georgi Lozanov proved that this system of playing relaxing Baroque music (60 beats per minute) greatly enhanced attention span and retention when learning.

Of all of the meditation CDs done by the ministry, this is by far the best yet!  This CD will undoubtedly be one of your favorites that you will play over and over again as it powerfully ministers to you and writes the truths of God's Word on your heart so that you can walk in the fullness of the supernatural life Jesus came to give you.

The Discover The Real You series is one of the best series David has done to help you walk in the Spirit, do what Jesus did and greater, and accomplish the specific plan for which God made you. You will find the teachings full of revelation and practical, but the frosting on the cake is the Meditative Teaching for the glory of God.