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Fullness of Life Seminar

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Of the entire product library we have available in the ministry there is nothing I would recommend more than this and its companion series; Meditative Media. ! They are life changing, so much so we guarantee them to significantly help you spiritually or we will buy them back.


The Fullness of Life Seminar is single most teaching series I hear people say, "they played it repeatedly as there was so much given so quickly it takes three or four times of hearing it to grasp all of the spiritual nuggets."  I taught this series on the heals of a 17 week revival but in really is a consummation of 25 years of study on the supernatural.


Blessings and thank you for allowing me to speak into your life!


David Martin

Some of the Topics Taught



  • See how science is confirming the Bible.
  • Understand the heart and what science calls the heart code.
  • Learn about DNA and how your thoughts, words and emotions are affecting your health and the world around you.
  • Discover the keys to walking/living in the spirit and the supernatural.
  • Explore the ways of God and learn how to exchange your way for His way.
  • Learn how the heart and all of your cells have memory that either works for or against you.
  • Learn how to do what Jesus did and even greater.
  • See the importance of having a vision, an action plan and of knowing the opposing forces to your dreams.
  • Experience Biblical Meditation