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Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny

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God knew you before the foundation of the world. He put you on the planet earth with a specific purpose (divine destiny) in mind. Our number one priority in life, next to getting saved, discipled, and filled with the Spirit, should be to find out (discover) our divine destiny and then put all that we have into being the person God made us to be.

Aside from the specific purposes of God, He has many other hopes, dreams and visions for your life. One of David's favorite descriptive passages which declares the plan of God for our lives is from John 10:10 where it says, "He came that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly. More abundantly means, superior in quality, super-abundant in quantity, by implication excessive, in the sense of going beyond.  The abundant life He has planned for you, which He has given His life for, needs to be known, as well as the many other prophetic revelations from His Word.

This series will do just as its title says: help you to identify, activate and fulfill your divine destiny, along with your hopes, dreams and visions.

David will share with you many revelatory truths in helping you to walk in the fullness of life Jesus came to give you. You will learn powerful principles from God's Word, from how to Biblically meditate to standing in faith for the fullness of whatever you believe for.  One of the most powerful lessons will be on how to stand in the middle when you know you have what you've asked for in faith, but the doctors report, financial report or just natural sights and feelings are contrary.

You will learn how and why to get and keep your eyes off of the problem and keep them fixed on Jesus (His Word) so that like Peter you too will walk and live above the storms of life and go right through the problems.  The Bible says "hope deferred makes the heart sick, but restored is the tree of life." This series will help you to get your hope restored and get on with the program/promises of God.

Most people hearing this series taught for the first time have a single word response, "WOW!" We think you too will have your own "wow" as you go through these life-changing messages.