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Going Beyond
10 CDs in SERIES

Physical Disk Price: $80

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The series brings together the following:

  1. David's extensive knowledge on the operations of the Holy Spirit, in depth knowledge of the Word of God and the overall familiarity with the supernatural;
  2. Awareness and layman's understanding of quantum physics with an ability to simplify how things work and showing how the spirit world (supernatural) and the natural world work together in harmony;
  3. Thirty-two years of experiences, 26 years of full time ministry which have provided three very unique anointed impartations in the realm of the supernatural.  David prays for those listening to receive each of these impartations.



Bottom line, this series will help to do what Jesus did and even greater.

This series is done as a sequel to the Spiritual Preparation for End Times series.  The primary objective is to help believers reach a higher level of operation in the realm of the supernatural.  Jesus came to give us a life that is more abundant and the first definition of the Greek word for more abundant is, "In the sense of going beyond." David will effectively help you to go beyond in your walk in the Spirit.

This unique series pulls from David's 32 years of study in the Word of God on the supernatural with a core focus of understanding how  Jesus  what He did in order that we could  fulfill His directive to us as believers to accomplish His plan.
This series combines  revelation from the Word, with what science is revealing to us through the study of quantum physics.  Through the revelations of science we can more clearly see the operations of the supernatural as everything God does is through His laws of creation. Just as understanding the scientific law of lift helps us to seemingly defy the law of gravity, newly discovered laws of physics help us to operate in the miraculous and understand what Jesus did while on this earth.

What David shares in these teachings will give you a substance to your faith and  understand the importance of faith in the Word as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  To the natural eye what is happening at the quantum level of life, like the spirit level, is unseen, but in reality, every thought, word and deed is affecting the world we live in.

This series will help you to see the realities of God in the spiritual and natural dimensions of life. What is in your heart may be unseen but it is affecting every part of your life. You are not a victim of the world; the world is a victim of what is within the hearts of man. We can change the world we live in and it's easier than most people could possibly imagine.

In addition to the insightful revelations of the Word that David brings is the powerful anointing he walks in and delivers through his inspired messages.  The anointing that he shares and imparts to his audiences was given to him supernaturally.

Two of these impartations have been featured on Sid Roth's "Its Supernatural" television show and are part of David's Spiritual Preparation for End Times series and David shares them within this set with  color and background.  These two impartations were supernaturally imparted to David in Africa. The first impartation came from Enoch who prayed for him to receive the Shining One anointing. This anointing was the major ingredient that brought forth the East African Revival in the 30's which swept the region and  today the effects of holiness and drawing to close to God are still being realized.

The second impartation was given to Dave by God Himself when David was the keynote speaker at a gathering of over 35,000 people on a mountain top in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It's a long story to tell but in paraphrasing it, God told David He was going to give him this impartation that He called, a Resurrection anointing.  The manifestation of this anointing is peace and when David releases it, you will know for sure that you've been touched by God with an impartation that will benefit you in the days and years ahead.

The third impartation given in this series is, The Key of David.  God revealed this impartation to David in December of 2006 as a means to see heaven on earth. Little did David know what this meant at the time but through a series of events God showed David how He was going to turn bad to good and release a gift to David that would help him help others bring God's will to establish heaven on earth.

Those attending this conference will tell you, "This was the most life changing conference they ever attended." A common testimony was, "I finally get it and feel empowered to live and operate in the realm of the supernatural."