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Spiritual Preparation For End Times
10 CDs in SERIES

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Practical Teaching on How to...

  • Live Victoriously in Horrific Times
  • Have Supernatural Protection and Provision
  • Experience Miraculous Lifestyles
  • Develop Recession Proof Economics
  • Be Content and Abound with Blessings

David believes that the last 35 years of studying the operations of the Spirit and understanding how to walk and live in the supernatural was preparation for the days we're now living in. He believes this series of messages are some of the most critical and valuable messages he's ever delivered.

In this series David teaches on how to effectively and victoriously go through these troublesome times and experience the spiritual dynamics of the Spirit filled life.

As much as God uses David in the miraculous, he has been gifted as a prophet, and as serious as the economic crisis is at present, he says, "It is nothing compared to what is coming. If what God has shown me comes into reality, we are going to see the greatest move of God ever in the midst of the most horrific circumstances one could imagine.

This powerful 9-CD Set contains some of the most critical and valuable messages David has ever delivered. As you listen to these teachings, you will learn how to live in the abundance of God and be victorious in the midst of hard times. David also prays a special prayer of impartation for you to experience supernatural peace and joy.

Special Bonus CD

Also included is a special bonus CD of one of David's most powerful messages, 5 Keys to the Supernatural. In this teaching David reveals the five key ingredients to seeing God's supernatural power operate in your life. This is a message that every believer needs to hear.