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Holy Spirit Academy Complete Series    
30 CDs in SERIES

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This course will help you to prepare your heart for the full development and use of the gifts of the Spirit. Secondly it will give you a firm foundation in the Word in how to skillfully use the Word and the Gifts of the Spirit to minister healing, deliverance and encouragement.

Volume I of IV

Introduction to the Holy Spirit Academy Ministry Training (One CD)

Special Teaching (One CD)

No Thieves in the Ministry

Session One (Four CDs)

Keys, Motives, Attitudes and Introduction

Topical Overview
  • Altar Ministry Introduction
  • Ministry Techniques Overview
  • Spiritual Surgery
  • Daily Expectations
  • Foundation of Ministry
  • Attitude of the Heart
  • 5 Keys to the Supernatural Introduction
  • Motive of Ministry
  • Focus on Compassion

Volume II of IV

Session Two (Four CDs)

Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

Topical Overview
  • Sensitivity to the Voice of God
  • Obedience to Do Whatever God Says
  • Obeying God over the Voice of Man
  • Spiritual Breakthrough
  • Two Life Changing Visions
  • Being a Friend of God
  • Hearing the Secrets of God
  • Covenant Friendship with God
  • Session Three (Four CDs)
  • How to be Led by the Spirit
Topical Overview
  • How to Be Led by the Spirit
  • The Light and the Life of God in Us
  • Our Inheritance as Saints
  • Types and Shadows of Moses' Tabernacle
  • Casting of the Lot
  • Going by the Spirit Instead of the Obvious
  • Developing Sensitivity to the Spirit
  • The Various Ways God Speaks

Volume III of IV

Session Four (Four CDs)

Faith & Healing

Topical Overview
  • Faith & Healing
  • Spiritual Identification (Diagnosis)
  • Ways/Methods & Techniques of Healing
  • Setting the Stage
  • Unity the Key to Anointing
  • Expectation
  • Revelation of the Word
  • Believing What You Say

Session Five (Four CDs)

Faith, Authority and Righteousness

Topical Overview
  • Faith, Authority and Righteousness
  • Our Position as Believers
  • The Basis of Great Faith
  • The Supernatural Works of Jesus
  • Understanding How Did Jesus Do What He Did
  • Hypo-static Union (Coming together of God and Man)
  • Spoken Word Miracles
  • Understanding Delegated Authority
  • The Gift of Righteousness
  • Reigning with Christ

Volume IV of IV

Session Six (Four CDs)

Indwelling and In-filling of the Holy Spirit

Topical Overview
  • Indwelling and In-filling
  • Two-Fold Work of the Holy Spirit
  • Wells and Rivers of the Spirit
  • The Tongues Phenomena
  • The Purpose of Tongues
  • The Gifts of the Spirit Introduction
  • How the Gifts Differ
  • How the Gifts Work
  • The Best Gifts
  • Session Seven (Four CDs)
  • Ministry Techniques
Topical Overview
  • Ministry Techniques and Principles
  • Usher Orientation and Training
  • Touching with Wisdom
  • Speaking Appropriately & Confidentiality
  • Falling over and Spiritual Surgery
  • Maintaining Focus & Hindrances to the Anointing
  • Prophetic Words and Prophecy
  • Deliverance & Salvation
  • Personal Hygiene